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New Course Available!

Beyond Money includes over 40 short videos (1-15 mins each) plus bonus long-form conversation videos, quizzes and dozens of high quality, curated resources.

In these we apply relatefulness to understanding both inner and outer aspects of money, so that we can have a healthier relationship with it.

  • Are you avoiding "being with what is" regarding money?

  • Are you pathologizing how you relate with money?

  • How can you stop the self-judgment?

  • Do you see money as inherently good or evil?

  • How does money mirror the way we see life?

  • What are the characteristics of a good form of money?

  • How does money function today and what are some of its shortcomings?

  • How do we 'play to win' in the current monetary system?

  • How is money evolving?

  • What is Bitcoin? Is it a scam, an environmental disaster, or something else entirely?

  • How can this knowledge improve our lives?

Money, ultimately, is just as open and radiant as you and I are, as everything is. It’s a powerful, ubiquitous mirror for how we see ourselves and life, so looking at it clearly can be profoundly beneficial.

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