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Awareness Practices

Check out the song we just added to the Music section! It's a song titled "Sun" that Philip wrote for our son, Alexander. These are the lyrics:


Your mouth is just like your mother's

You have your auntie's nose

You have your uncles' ears

As to your eyes, who knows?

And yet you are so very you

Your self cannot help but shine through

My son you are a shining star

When you smile, when you speak,

When you say my name,

You brighten up the dark

My love for you is always new

Every time that I hold you

I'm born again

There's nothing I won't do for you

Now every day's an adventure

Not knowing what you'll do

The three musketeers

Mom, dad and little you

I pray that I can stick around

To see you grow in leaps and bounds

My son you are a shining star...

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Beyond Money includes over 40 short videos (1-15 mins each) plus bonus long-form conversation videos, quizzes and dozens of high quality, curated resources.

In these we apply relatefulness to understanding both inner and outer aspects of money, so that we can have a healthier relationship with it.

  • Are you avoiding "being with what is" regarding money?

  • Are you pathologizing how you relate with money?

  • How can you stop the self-judgment?

  • Do you see money as inherently good or evil?

  • How does money mirror the way we see life?

  • What are the characteristics of a good form of money?

  • How does money function today and what are some of its shortcomings?

  • How do we 'play to win' in the current monetary system?

  • How is money evolving?

  • What is Bitcoin? Is it a scam, an environmental disaster, or something else entirely?

  • How can this knowledge improve our lives?

Money, ultimately, is just as open and radiant as you and I are, as everything is. It’s a powerful, ubiquitous mirror for how we see ourselves and life, so looking at it clearly can be profoundly beneficial.

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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Por primera vez en español, ofreceremos la formación en la práctica mundialmente conocida como Circling, Relacionalidad o Presencia en Conexión, totalmente online (participa desde cualquier parte del mundo).

Iniciamos en Enero de 2023.

Para más información, por favor descarga el pdf:

PDF B Cicling 01 2022
Download PDF • 1.75MB

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