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Embodied Relational

Awareness Practices




In a nutshell, we offer



(to yourself, to others & to the world)



We offer online and in-person Circling (relational mindfulness) sessions and Presence-Based Integrative Coaching (PBIC) sessions for individuals.



As a couple, we have a particular love for working with other couples. We use Presence-Based Integrative Coaching to support couples with their relationships and parenting.



We are also experienced facilitators of larger groups. We specialize in leading Circling and other transformational practices online and in-person for groups in all settings, from yoga studios to law firms.

Types of Sessions

What is 


Just like eating chocolate ice cream or sharing a concert with 100,000 people, you really have to experience Circling to know what it is (and even then, it can be hard to articulate).  But that doesn't mean we can't try.

Simply put, Circling is a relational mindfulness practice. We might say the fundamental question in Circling is: "What's it like to be , right now?" We focus on our present-moment experience of being together, without needing anything to be other than how it is (including any impulse to change anything). It's a practice of shared presence in which insights, deep self-awareness & transformation often occur, precisely because we're not trying to make them happen. It is an experience of being more deeply, authentically & fully human—together. We could say much more, but if any of this piques your curiosity, we highly recommend trying it!

You can also read more about Circling in our blog. And for more background on Circling, check out Circling Europe (the school where we trained and work) & CircleAnywhere (the online platform where we facilitate regularly), as well as The Circling Institute & The Integral Center.

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What Is Circlig




Presence-Based Integrative Coaching (PBIC) is the unique methodology we use to facilitate transformation & development. With Circling (relational mindfulness) as its basis, it includes a wide range of techniques & practices we have deeply engaged with & embody in our daily lives. From somatic therapy & meditation, to adult development theory & voice dialogue, we bring the best of what we know & who we are, in service of your thriving.

What is PBIC


What happens in an individual session?

Circling Session

During an individual Circling session you'll have the experience of one (or both) of us being with you in your world. This means bringing the fullness of our presence & embodied experience into the connection with you. We'll explore what arises in each of us & between us in the moment, so we never know what direction the session will take. There's an open invitation to be as truthful & authentic as possible, without any pressure to do so. In this, people often have the experience of being deeply 'seen' and sometimes insights or shifts can occur. We also bring a willingness to be deeply impacted & even transformed by being with you, so it's always a co-creation.

PBIC Coaching Session

During an individual Presence-Based Integrative Coaching session we usually begin by exploring what's up for you. What are the challenges you're experiencing, what are you longing to achieve, who do you want to become? From there, we explore your experience through Circling and/or other techniques like voice dialogue, being with you from a place of profound presence & trust. This often leads to us together discovering new possibilities for you. We also like to give you personalized practices and/or assignments based on what we explore in a session. So it's good to meet for at least 2 sessions, so we can track your progress & make adjustments based on each new meeting in the moment. 


Since the beginning of our relationship, we (Liz & Philip) have been on a journey of shared growth & transformation that has at times been indescribably beautiful & other times intensely painful. We've explored the depths of each other's shadow & have come terrifyingly close to separating. All of this has served to solidify our connection & has provided us with great insight into couples dynamics. Now, as we embark on a new, wondrous & challenging chapter as parents of a baby boy, we feel deeply drawn to connecting with other couples.

We've found that there is a particular kind of—well, magic—that happens when we facilitate as a couple. We each bring all of ourselves, and there is something else present as well, which seems to come from the alchemy between us. We've found this to be a particularly powerful field to share with other couples, in which we can explore the particularities of your connection, your challenges, your longings & your goals. We love exploring polarities & the contrasts between everything that makes you similar to each other and everything that makes you very different from one another. It is always rich terrain and we're honored to meet you in it.

During a couples session, we'll begin by exploring the unique contours of your relationship, through questions like: what's your relationship like right now? What are the specific challenges you are facing? Where do you both have a 'shared reality' about what's happening, and where do you perhaps see things in very different ways (and can we make room for all of that to be here)? Then we'll explore all those themes within a space of potent presence, where nothing needs to be any different than how it is (which tends to lead to things shifting as soon as they're ready). Near the end of the session, we may suggest specific practices or assignments for each of you to do individually or as a couple, which can help you integrate what we've explored or develop a particular aspect of yourself that we think will serve you & the relationship.

About Individual Sessions
What are Couples Sessions
What are our Group Circling Sessions like?

Group Circling sessions are especially exciting for us. 

As in all forms of Circling, we're always welcoming &

exploring what is present in us & bringing it into connection with each other. When we do this in a larger group, we often get to explore all the ways in which we are interconnected & are impacting each other in every moment. Self-awareness & awareness of group dynamics increase and can even become an experience of collective intelligence at play. These sessions can be particularly valuable for families, teams of all kinds (leadership, sales, sports, etc) and even bands & other 

creative collectives.

What Are Group Sessions

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