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Here you can listen to some of the music Philip has produced over the years, from the early days as an "almost famous" teenager with La Catrina to his work as a jingle writer, record producer & singer-songwriter, as well as a few very special tracks created with Liz.

A song for Alexander. : )


Music by Micky Sierra, lyrics by Philip Watson. Produced, recorded & mixed at home by Philip Watson. Backing vocals by Liz Watson. All instruments, lead & backing vocals by Philip Watson.

Originally written & recorded by The Beatles. Produced, recorded & mixed at home in winter of 2020 by Philip Watson. Lead & backing vocals by Liz & Philip Watson. All instruments by Philip Watson.

La Catrina

Recorded in 1999 in Madrid, Miami & Mexico City, this first & only album by Mexican folk-pop-rock band La Catrina features Philip on bass guitar & backing vocals, along with Rene Hubard on vocals, guitar & banjo, Efrain Arditti on trumpet, Jaime Ortega on drums, Gabriel Valencia on keyboards & Victor Barrera on violin. It was produced by Juan Ignacio Cuadrado, Alejo Stivel & Oscar Lopez and released by Warner Music Mexico in 2000.

This is a song I wrote as a teenager. I recorded this version in 2002 to pitch the song to Belinda, a Mexican pop singer. She never recorded it, but I really like how the track turned out. It features Renée Suárez on vocals and Pablo Hurtado of the band Camila on guitars. I produced it with my dear friend Mario Ivan Contreras & the late, great Axel Dupeyron. We were all barely out of our teens and I'm still amazed at how good this sounds today.

During my time at Berklee I founded a latin pop-rock band called Pop Filter with Micky Sierra on guitars & Dahiana Rosenblatt on vocals. I played bass and a other assorted instruments, and Dahiana (known as Dahiu) and I wrote the songs, while Micky and I handled the arranging and production (a partnership that would continue long after Pop Filter broke up). After graduating from Berklee, we moved to New York City where we recorded this album. We had several drummers through the years, but the one who recorded this album was the great Gregorio Uribe.

I recorded this debut solo album in 2010, producing it with my long-time collaborator Micky Sierra who also recorded, mixed & mastered it. Micky & I played most of the instruments on it except for the drums which were recorded by Jaime Ortega. It also features Luis Cardoso on violin, viola & cello and Efrain Arditti (from La Catrina) on trumpet.

Jingle Eso es estar conectado

Jingle Eso es estar conectado

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When I lived in NYC, I worked for a jingle production company. Since then, I've continued to occasionally write music for advertising. I wrote this jingle with Micky Sierra for a joint ad campaign for Microsoft & Telmex, the Mexican phone company. We had to use the lyrics from the ad copy, a lot of which were pretty awful, but I think it turned out well, considering.

A couple of tracks that I wrote & produced for Andrea Ibarra's debut album. Andy, Micky Sierra & I decided that her sound would be 'Nashville Soul' and I really like how that turned out. I co-wrote 'La Que Rie Soy Yo' with Dahiu from Pop Filter and 'Veneno' is a song I originally wrote as a latin pop reggae track, but I love the country/gospel arrangement we gave it for Andy's album.

My 2nd solo album, recorded in 2013/2014 & released in 2015 by Engel Records. I once again teamed up with my dear friend & closest musical partner Micky Sierra to produce it. We played most of the instruments on it, except for the drums which were recorded by Jaime Ortega & Julio Moran. The album also features a duet with Andrea Ibarra, for whose debut album I wrote & co-produced several songs, and an orchestral piece I wrote which was performed by the Bellas Artes Chamber Orchestra in Mexico City.

Ades Tise Ades is a traditional mantra that Liz & I set to music. We wrote the melody for it together, and then Micky Sierra & I produced the track. Liz & I recorded the vocals together. I really love this, I think it has a beautiful energy.

For several years, I taught a music production course I created at SAE Institute, a multimedia university in Mexico City. As a final project, the students selected an artist and, under my guidance, produced a professional-quality track for them in the school's recording studios. These are a few tracks produced in that course.

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